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Piano tuning and piano repairing in Geelong and the surrounding areas, including the Colac/Otway region, the Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Anglesea, Torquay, Lara, and other outlying areas.
I'm a Geelong based, qualified piano tuner/technician providing a range of services including: piano tuning, pitch raising, on the job repairs, workshop repairs, piano cleaning and in house relocation of grand and upright pianos. All makes and models of pianos tuned: Grands, uprights and player pianos — in the home, performance venue, school, church or community hall.
Have your piano tuned by a professional pianist who knows how the piano should sound and feel. Call me to arrange a time to come and tune your piano.

VERY REASONABLE RATES - Piano tuning from $150 (extra charges for pitch raising flat pianos and travel outside Geelong).

If you find that your piano is well below concert (standard) pitch it can be successfully raised to the correct pitch in a single tuning session; without any harm to the piano. After tuning many pianos that are a semitone flat I've developed a successful pitch raising process that will  restore your piano back to being a useful instrument. Having your piano tuned to A 440 concert pitch is so important for a young piano student — if you are learning a piece of music in C major but your piano is a semitone flat that same piece will  sound like it's in B major; the same piece of music will sound different when played on the teacher's piano. It is important for the  pianist's ear to develop an accurate awareness of  concert pitch and the relationship this has with the shapes that the hands play on the keys.
Other disadvantages  of playing a flat piano include:
- students that are provided 'CD play along' music to practice with won't be able to use this material,
- the piano won't be able to be used to accompany other instruments and,
- the piano will sound dull — it is designed to respond best at concert pitch. 
- a nicely tuned piano sounds beautiful and will encourage a student to keep learning.

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