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I'm a Geelong based piano tuner with a Diploma of Piano Technology  from the U.S. Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. I have a Bachelor of App. Science degree and for the last 30 years I've worked as a professional pianist and teacher, including seven years as a piano teacher in the Improvisation stream at the Victorian College of Arts. Since 1998 I've been a musician with the Royal  Australian Air Force Band.

  • piano tuning - your piano ideally needs to be tuned annually to A440 Hz (also known as concert pitch) .
  • pitch raising - old pianos can be a semitone or more flat. It's important for children learning piano to develop their musical ear on a piano tuned to concert pitch. A piano at correct pitch can also be used to accompany other instruments.
  • action regulation - making the piano feel better to play.
  • on the job repairs - string replacement, missing keytops, sticking notes, broken hammers, ringing dampers, sustain pedal adjustment etc.
  • piano cleaning - soundboard and plate of grand pianos, vacuuming inside uprights and keybed, compressed air cleaning of grand and upright actions.
  • workshop repairs - action rebuilding (action felt, springs, dampers, repinning hammers etc), full keytop replacement.
  • repairs to Yamaha Clavinova keyboards - replacement of broken keys and action felt.